Connection Sharing


This tutorial teaches you how to share your VPN connection, with your mobile or other devices (smartphones, electronic devices, other computers) through any of our applications, with MHotspot.

Steps for Sharing Your Connection With MHotspot

Step 1:
If you already have MHotspot installed, and working fine, skip to step 3. Else:

Download mHotSpot: mHotspot.exe

Step 2:
After downloading, open mHotspot.exe, and proceed with installation. Keep pressing Next but watch out to avoid installing spyware/adware.

Step 3:
Once installation is complete, launch any of our proxy apps, then Start the Proxy, and Connect the VPN.

Step 4:
Once the VPN status is connected, launch mHotspot, then fill in your preferred hotspot name, and password

Step 5:
Then select Local Area Connection... as the Internet Source, and click Start HotSpot. Wait till the Hostspot Status changes to ON.

Step 6:
Open Network and Sharing center. Firstly, note the name of the value in front of Connections, for the wireless network you created. It should be similar to Wireless Network Connection...

Step 7:
Then click the Local Area Connection...It'll be among the list of active networks. Once it opens, click the properties button, and go to the Sharing tab. Tick "Allow other network users to connect...", and if you have to select, choose the connection you were asked to note initially, from Step 7

Step 8:
Once HotSpot is started, search for the wifi connection, and connect on your other devices.