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Our VPN service offers you high-speed untethered, unrestricted access to surf the net anonymously. With one click, you're protected behind our servers from prying eyes. Enjoy access, with different countries, at full speed, usable with your PC, Android or iOs Device. All you need for this to work is an internet connection. Currently works free with Cobranet NG, Multilinks NG, Spectranet NG(in Abuja)

Windows PC usage

You need a 32-bit version of JRE installed for this to work. Doesn't matter if your PC is 64-bit. Download from: http://headerhandler.com/downloads/jre32bit.exe

Download HHVPN [32-bit]: Installer || ZIP
Download HHVPN [64-bit]: Installer || ZIP

After installing, Launch HHVPN. Then, insert your account details.
Then Connect VPN.
Once the VPN status changes to CONNECTED, voila, you're good to go.

Mac OS X PC usage

You need Java installed on your Mac for this to work. Download from - Java Download
After downloading, proceed with installation.

Once installation is complete, download HHVPN for Mac - HHVPN for Mac
After downloading HHVPN, double-click to extract the zip file, then open the HHVPNMac folder, then open the drivers folder.
Launch the file - tuntap_20150118.pkg by double-clicking. Then proceed with installing. Once installation is complete, launch HHVPN from the HHVPNMac folder, fill in details under Settings, then Start Proxy, and Connect the VPN.
Once the VPN status changes to CONNECTED, you're good to go

Android usage

Download OpenVPN for Android from - OpenVPN for Android
After downloading, copy to your phone, and install. Don't launch yet.

Then download OpenVPN configuration files from - vpnconfig.zip
Extract the configuration files and copy the three files ending with .ovpn to a folder on your phone

After copying to your phone, launch the OpenVPN app you installed.
Once it opens, click the folder icon at the bottom right corner of the app, and navigate to the folder where you copied the config files to, and select whichever one you wish to use
The ones available are for US, CAnada, and NetherLands server locations
Once you select, it becomes imported into the OpenVPN app, and you can tap any of the profiles to connect
Once it prompts you for login details, enter your account details, and chill till it connects successfully.

Once connected, it powers all your apps, and you do not need to set proxy settings

iOs usage (iPhones/iPad)

Launch your Appstore, and download OpenVPN Connect
Once it's installed, download configuration files, extract, and save to your PC, from - vpnconfig.zip
Connect your device to your PC, and launch iTunes.
Open your Apps from iTunes, and select the OpenVPN Connect app
Then drag the configuration files you extracted to the document box on the right side beside OpenVPN Connect on iTunes.
The ones available are for US, CAnada, and NetherLands server locations

Once done, launch OpenVPN Connect on your phone, and then press the + button to add the new configurations.
Once added, select the preferred VPN server, enter your username and password, and connect.

Chill till the connection is successful, and then you can use all your apps.

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Test Accounts available on request. Send a message to +2348037946755.

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